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Guess who`s back, back again, StyleBreakdown`s back, tell a friend​. Yayyy happy summer everyone. For my first post back I wanted to go through some of the stand out products of the last few months. I don`t want to dwell too much on how long I`ve been missing, so getting right back into it seems like the best thing to do. So let`s get to some really awesome products.



In terms of beauty, for me spring/summer is the time for natural, bronzy, dewy skin, and these next few products are my new must haves to achieve just that. Starting off, the most important step in my routine regardless of season is the base and the star product in that step has been the Too Face Hangover Rx Face Primer. Extremely light weight but somehow gives glow even to my dry dehydrated skin.


Continuing on the glow train a new discovery is the Benefit Whatt`s Up Highlighter, for summer I like using cream formulas for my base, last year I discovered the L`oreal cream contour so this cream highlighter was the last missing piece. It is a gorgeous shade that would work nicely on a loot of skin tones and I like that you can make it as natural or as bright as you wish. If I want to go all out, I like using this as a base and topping it with a powder highlight.


Last but not least we all have this lifelong search of the perfect nude and I`m excited to announce that  I have finally found mine!!!!!! I have been wearing this combo religiously for the past month or so and I feel like the tanner I get the better it looks. Ok I should probably stop rambling and just get to it!! I start off with the MAC lip pencil in Stripdown which I also use to fill in my lips completely and over top of that mostly in the center of my lips I use the MAC lipstick in Yash.



The Batiste dry shampoo is hands down the most popular dry shampoo on the market, but did you know that Batiste also has a bunch of other styling products? Well I discovered their Texture Spray back in the winter and it`s all I have been using ever since. I used to have a loot of issues with dry shampoo, I hated how my hair felt when using them and they would also dry out my scalp, so much so that I would get flaky scalp for at least a week or two after using it. Regardless to say I don`t  get that with this texture spray which I use both as a styling product after I style my hair to add volume but it also works as a dry shampoo without all the drawbacks.



I was never really into statement earrings , I always kept it simple with a pair of studs. Still these earrings were love at first sight. Firstly I only wear gold jewelry in the summer since I find it very flattering on my skin tone, and secondly I loved how they were statement but in the most minimalist chic way. I have also discovered that long earrings help elongate my round face, so if any of you have a round face I would give them a try.



To me layering is a great way to make an outfit look fashionable, but summer in Bucharest is excruciatingly hot so not exactly layering weather. My way around that, this season is using these very trendy kimono/ pajama style blazers. I wanted something a bit more structured and short rather than full on long kimono and this Zara piece was everything I wanted and more.



I haven`t been watching that much Tv lately but one show that I keep coming back for every week has been my ultimate guilty pleasure, and that is Southern Charm. A show about the lives of a few Charleston “socialites ” think southern ” Made in Chelsea” . I have a slight obsession with the whole southern high society ever since reading Gone with the Wind plus there is some wonderful architecture as well as an overload of Lilly Pulitzer.



The one thing that has kept me going back to the gym the past couple of months is good podcasts.  There are a bunch of them that I love (let me know if you want a dedicated post) but the one that I have been listening to religiously every week is Pod Save America. I know I am not American but after the November elections I have been very much in the loop with everything going on in American politics (another one of my weird interests). The podcast is hosted by three former Obama staffers who have the perfect amount of both experience and knowledge of what goes into an administration as well as a good amount of humor when it comes to the current administration.

So excited to be back and hopefully this summer I keep it up, FINGERS CROSSED!!!

7 thoughts on “Current favorites

  1. I have the exact same issue with dry shampoo, it makes my scalp all itchy and rough to touch. Will definitely give the texture spray a try, Hope it works to give me the glam hair I’ve always wanted!

  2. Ah Benefit’s Highlighter is an absolute fav for me as well! It’s the first I ever bought and it was so worth it.Also, I’m so glad I stumbled on this post because I was itching for a new show and Southern Charm seems like a new guilty pleasure ❤

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