Beauty Haul

Hey y`all welcome back for another post. I have been doing a bit of shopping lately and today I wanted to share the beauty products I picked up. There is a mix of everything high end/drugstore, skincare/makeup so I hope you enjoy.


Starting off with skincare I have really been struggling with my skin for a few months now so I needed to change some things up in my routine. Firstly I wanted to add something targeting dehydration and I finally decided on this Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum (59$ ). This next product is a new release from Kiehl`s and it seamed right up my alley, the Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate (54$) is supposed to increase cell turnover as well as improve scaring and skin texture.  Now that I am in my 20`s I really needed to start thinking long therm in therms of skincare and the first thing I really needed to do is add an SPF to my daily routine. Knowing myself I decided to get a new day cream that will have the SPF incorporated that way I wouldn`t forget or skip it. I went with the Kiehl`s Ultra Facial Moisturizer (31$) a product that I have used and loved before, and now they have an SPF 30 version, perfect.


At the end of last year I tried the Foreo face brush system which really disappointed me (review of the Foreo Luna Play linked here). And I was really debating biting the bullet and getting the Clarisonic. However I started to hear about the Clinique Sonic System (89$)  which is about half the price of the Clarisonic so I went with that instead. I am doing a full review of this face brush in next Wednesdays post


Moving on to makeup the Maybelline Color Tattoos (7$) are a staple for me. They are very quick and easy to apply especially in a hurry and they certainly don`t break the bank. These are a repurchase since my old ones dried out. I also needed a new mascara and for my uber sensitive eyes I decided to try a new Clinique mascara since I know they are ophthalmologist tested, this is the Lash Power mascara (17$), it gives quite a natural look to my lashes but so far I am liking it.


A product that has been on my wishlist for quite a bit of time now is the Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer (32$). I  have heard so many great things about it and it also seams perfect for my skin type. And last but not least my mom got this Max Factor Lipfinity duo (11$) , it`s basically a matte liquid lipstick with a stick balm to use over it.

4 thoughts on “Beauty Haul

  1. I have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in gold, it’s such a great eyeshadow! Especially if I’m running late or just cba with precise application 😛 Great post, thanks for leaving a like on my blog too x

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