August Moodboard 2017

August is upon us and if you too are freaking out about where 2017 has gone you are not alone my friend. My monthly moodboard series is designed to get me and maybe some of you, excited about all the awesome things the month coming up has to offer and usually august is pretty easy to get excited about since it`s my birthday month. This year though with finishing college reality is starting to hit and time is ticking a bit fast for me, so this post is so much needed. Without further adieu here are some awesome things about August 2017!

Bucharest Summers

august moodboard2

This is the first summer that I am spending full time in the city, it`s also the first summer that I don`t get a full three month summer break (does that make me an adult?). Getting over the less than quarter life crisis, I find summers in the city quite exciting, the rooftop bars after work drinks or the nights out where the temperature is so perfect at 2 am that you simply don`t see the point in going to bed. One of my main goals this summer is to truly enjoy the city I live in , and experience all that Bucharest in the summer has to offer!

Beach !!!!


With all the craziness of finishing college, taking my masters exams and starting a new internship I really haven`t had any time for a break. So I am hopeful that this month I will at least get a weekend away at the beach, to just enjoy the weather and mostly soak up the sun with a good book (ok a cheesy chick-lit)Β on the beach.

Working out

august moodboard1

Back in the spring before things got crazy I had gotten in a pretty good routine with exercise. So this month I can finally get back to it and finish the summer strong. I mean what better motivation than bikini season, am I right ladies? Also I have a bit of an obsession with active-wear.

Fashion Inspo

august moodboard

The fashion inspo for this month is very polarizing, since my internship will require quite a put together office look, but I also love me a relaxed summer weekend brunch look. Β There is a loot of denim and white going on in my wardrobe right now, as well as a surprising amount of dresses.

What are you excited about this August? Leave me a comment and let us know!!! I`ll be back on Wednesday with a new beauty post!!!

21 thoughts on “August Moodboard 2017

  1. This August I’m excited about all the new interviews I’ll be doing for my website !!!!! 😍😍😍. Soooo excited !! Love your blog. Your posts are always so thoughtfully curated. 😊. I really enjoy them . Thank you.

  2. July was such a crazy month, but I’m looking forward to continuing my Manga drawing that I learned in the “Manga Drawing 101” class I took at SMC, visiting LACMA for their new exhibits, writing about fashion, starting work as a Special Ed Instructional Assistant with LAUSD again, and preparing for the Masters Program in Fashion Journalism classes starting in September.

  3. Neat idea for a mood board. I share the same excitement for August as yourself as it’s my birthday month, too. Happy birthday to you!

    August is also exciting as it’s the last month of winter here in NZ. Snow is a possibility, the lambs are frolicking, springs bulbs are appearing. It’s almost spring; my favourite time of year. πŸ˜„

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