Summer Body Care Routine

There is nothing I love more in the summer than having beautifully soft skin. But having naturally dry, very sensitive skin, it is hard to achieve. Still I truly believe that this summer I have finally cracked it and in this post I will share my whole routine as well as some of the tricks I have discovered on the way.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate !!!!


That is probably the first thing you will need to learn , exfoliation is key, not only for soft skin but also for getting a nice close shave without any bumps. Since I have dry skin I do this in two stages. Firstly dry brushing; you might have herd some hippies talk about the benefits of dry brushing for the lymphatic system, which I also believe in but I won`t get into it in this post, the main thing I love about dry brushing is the exfoliation it gives. I do it daily before I get into the shower . You don`t need any kind of technique, I just use my brush in circular motions  with as much pressure as feels comfortable (do`n go rubbing off your skin) all over my body. All this doesn`t take more than 2-3 min so you definitely have the time to incorporate it. Now my second exfoliation is in the shower. I use any type of body scrub I can find in the supermarket, and I usually do this shower exfoliation 2, 3 times a week when I also shave. ( my dry brush-link, body scrub- link)



One of the most annoying things about summer is shaving, especially for someone with super dark hair like me. I personally need to do it pretty much every other day if I want to maintain my soft skin. Struggling with sensitive skin my main problem was that I would get little red bumps all over my legs the day after I shaved. My first tip for combating this is to really soften your skin before shaving, what I mean by that is to use warm to hot water and really spend a bit more time in the steam before you move on to your exfoliator and then shaving. My second tip when it comes to shaving is using mens products, I use both mens shaving gel and razors I find they are cheaper and work all around better. (shaving cream-link )



Moisturizing your skin is very important in keeping your skin looking beautiful and glowing in the summer. I personally have a couple different body moisturizers I rotate depending on what my skin needs and what I feel like using. Firstly on the days I shave I use a mens aftershave, this is another tip I have to keep aways those pesky red bumps on my skin and I also feel like it has helped with my ingrown hairs. If I can`​t deal with that annoying sticky feeling you sometimes get with thicker moisturizers, I go for a lighter formula like the Bodyshop this is also great when I want something that smell nice on my skin. And on the days my skin is feeling a bit more dry or I don`t want a scent disturbing my perfume I use my Neutrogena , this is also a bit more affordable and it leaves your skin looking nice and glowey. ( The Bodyshop moisturizer-link, Neutrogena Cream-link )

Body Makeup?


Lastly for the extra step I do for special occasions when I want my legs and arms to look extra perfect. Body makeup is not something I am particularly great at, but I will still share with you my little routine. After I moisturize my legs I spray some Sally Hansen in my hand and rub it in. I advise you do this before you get dress since it can get quite messy.  If you want to take it a step further take a golden highlight (cream or powder whichever you prefer) and draw a line on the center of your leg up to your knee and blend it it, you can also take you highlight on your shoulders and collarbone. ( spray body makeup-link, my fav highlighter- link)

Well that was my routine this summer, I hope you found some good tips in there to add to your own. And if you have any tips and trick you love , leave me a comment and let me know , I am always interested in what you guys do. Also I find the different beauty hacks around the world completely fascinating .


11 thoughts on “Summer Body Care Routine

  1. Wow great post I have never heard of the dry brushing before. So you don’t put any product on the brush?

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