My 5 Most Worn Accessories Summer`17

Just a few days ago I had the realization that August is here and somehow summer 2017 is almost over. As depressing (or exciting for some)  as that is ,this is the perfect time to try out a new series on my blog. Every season I plan on doing a bit of a fashion recap , in about four posts I want to talk through my most worn fashion pieces or accessories as well as my purchase regrets of the past season. The items that didn`t end up working out as well as I had thought. This first post as you may have noticed are my stand out accessories of this past season, I hope you enjoy and maybe come back next Friday for my accessories purchase regrets.


Starting off with shoes, this season was hands down slides season. They were everywhere in every style imaginable from pearls to fur and everything in between. However this is me I am talking about and my most worn items will never be that exciting. But they were definitely easy to wear, comfortable and extremely versatile. This first pair from H&M might have a bit of a heal but they are still very comfortable. Since the color is almost a nude (just a bit grayish) they are also extremely flattering on the leg. These guys get the award of most versatile accessory hands down, I`​ve worn them with ripped boyfriend jeans and a simple white top for a casual look , they work wonderful with dresses and as I have mentioned they made my legs look nice and elongated, and I have also worn them for more dressy occasions when I couldn`t be bothered with uncomfortable shoes. I also have to mention that ever since starting my internship, these have been my go to, they are truly the perfect work shoe.


I`ve  really debated whether or not to include these slides in my post since they are not the most exciting pair of shoes I own, but since I am trying to be truthful these are definitely my most worn shoes of this summer. From the beginning of this season I have worn them to class with everything from jeans , dresses and even yoga pants ( yeah my 8 am class fashion is not something I am proud of ) and pretty much every casual day since. I have to say if you love your Birkenstock these guys are the more flattering sister. I actually bought a pair of Birkenstock this summer (which spoiler alert may or may not be in next Fridays post) but I found them very chunky, and they made my feet look so much wider then they are. These on the other hand are more streamlined and the V that the criss cross on the front creates makes them so much more flattering on your legs and feet.


This bag is my go to regardless of season , but I do promise to switch it up and not include it in every future post. It may not be my most summery bag but it really was my most worn , I really wanted to include it this season since you can still find it on the Zara website (I don`t know for how long though). I have a full review of this bag which I will link here if you want more details about it. I do have to say I have had this bag for about three years and there probably hasn`t been a week where I have not worn it. It is the perfect size where you can fir as much of your junk as any woman needs (even my big I-pad fits). It truly is my best fashion purchase ever.


I don`t think I could do a rundown of my most worn summer accessories without including a pair of sunnies. I adore sunglasses and they are an area of my wardrobe that I like to invest in. This pair is a new addition but I have already gotten my wear out of it. They are the Dior Diorama 3 . I love their classic look with a bit of edge from the intricate metallic temples, I really wanted a classic tortoise shell pair of sunnies since I didn`t have any in my collection and these looked perfect. If you want to invest in a pair of sunnies that will really stand the test of time and will not go out of style in a season or two I will wholeheartedly recommend these.


I am not much of a jewelry girl but these earrings have been a staple for me this summer. They are perfect for me since they are a more modern, minimalist take on dangliy earrings. I usually prefer gold especially in the summer, so these ticked that box and I have also discovered how flattering they are with my round face shape.  Versatility is again important to me and I love how these can make even the most casual outfits look more elevated, like a pair of jeans shorts and white shirt or a very basic t-shirt dress. They also work well both with my hair up or down, but my favorite way of wearing them is doing a half up half down look in my hair by just pulling back very messily the front pieces of my hair.

Let me know your thoughts on this new series I would love some feedback.

4 thoughts on “My 5 Most Worn Accessories Summer`17

  1. I have a pair of shoes similar to the first! Except they are more of a brown colour and have back straps on them!

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, Birkenstocks really can make your feet look wider! I think unless you’re really tall, it’s okay but for the petite girls, it’s not the most flattering for sure.

  2. I love this series . Thanks for reading my blog…The Cable Knit Sweater. I never knew how weird I looked in it until I took a selfie. It’s so comfortable though..hehehe

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