Late spring clean : My makeup table


A few months back I did a post about my makeup table organisation/ makeup storage which was quite well received . The thing is that since then I really haven`t done any cleaning or reorganising there but things kept coming in so it did get to be a bit of a mess . A few days ago I tought enough is enough I need to tide up my drawers and so I did .


My makeup table .

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CHEEP AND EASY way of reinventing your couch


This is my lovely couch which I love and use quite a lot ( I`m actually writing to you from there right now), my problem with it is that it is white and I tend to eat on there quite a few times a week, and even if I didn`t I think it would be easier to have a cover for it just to have the option of  throwing the cover into the wash and be done with it. After looking everywhere for a suitable one I gave up and started thinking that I could probably make my own .

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Interior decor ideas: cake stand repurposed( jewelry, nail polish and perfume stand)


We have so many pretty things that we usually keep tucked away in drawers or boxes , so why not display them for our viewing pleasure ? Well I wanted to show you one way I love displaying my jewelry and pretty much anything else  I might want to enjoy even when Ì`m not wearing it .  My stand is from Ikea and it only costs 15$, and as you can see I added a ribbon to mine to make it even more special .Hope you enjoy this idea and try it for you`re self.

Another cheep and easy idea that you can add to you`re room is a “Memories jar” I saw a couple people talk about these and I though that it was a great idea. All you need is a mason jar of any size you find or prefer and you write on little pieces of paper things that have made you happy throughout the year , it could be anything from a really amazing day you spent with you`re frends to having got married . I personally don`t keep a journal and I tought that this would be a great substitute for that , because I for one always remember the bad things that have happened to me and forget about the little things that have made me happy. You can either read these at the end of the year to give you a positive view on the year that has just passed or even when you`re having a bad day and need a reminder of the things that really matter. How I make this a  pretty piece to decorate my room is by writing my moments on post it notes of different colours . I really do think this is a great idea and I hope some of you try it.