Light neutrals LookBook (3Looks)

As far as style goes I am a huge believer of the less is more mentality. I  gravitated towards a clean  and stylishly simple wardrobe. That tends to include a loot of neutral colors and to be honest it also includes a whole lot of black. Don`t get me wrong I LOVE black and will continue to do so but in spring and summer I want to get away from it a bit. But as a neutrals lover I exchange if for light shades of blush, greys white and nudes. Still keeping it simple and easy to mix and match but also extremely season appropriate

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Gym OOTD #HealthBreakdown

Today`s post is another #HealthBreakdown post, all about what I wear to the gym. It is a very honest post , no fashionable twist or anything too cool. I wanted to show you what I wear on a normal day when the last place I want to be is the gym, when I look like c**p and the only color in the world is black. Like I said it is not an inspirational outfit post, but I think it is a good option if you don`t want to think about it but you stil want a flattering look  that is  put together and easy.

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1 Obsession 3 Ways ( Zara Croc and Chain City Bag)

You might have seen in my latest Accessories & Stationary Haul that I purchased this amazing Zara bag (link)  and I have so many ideas for styling it. It is such a great bag that somehow manages to be both simple and a statement depending on the outfit you paire it with. The three outfits I chose are completely different and I think they stretch over a bunch of different styles and most women will find inspiration in at least one of them.

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Introducing color for color-fobs

I have to admit the title might be a bit dramatic , but on some level I really am a color-fob . My goal when adding new pieces to my wardrobe is to encrease its versatility and for some reason that means that I rarely buy colorful things , and as a disclaimer there is nothing wrong with that I love neutral outfits and think they can be really effortless and chic , the thing is that in the summer I feel like color can really make an impact on your outfit also I feel like as a lover of fashion I should try to open my own fashion horizons.

If you are somewhat afraid of wearing color , there is certainly a way of incorporating it in order to achieve that impact but still feeling comfortable and age appropriate. Firstly accessories are a great way to start as well as being an inexpensive item  they are small and can be a good middle ground. For example I am loving statement , colorful bags for this spring summer season, also if you have been reading my blog for a while you might already know about my love of statement necklaces , which can be another small yet impactful way of adding color.If you are feeling particularly daring this summer why not try a bright blazer or a nice printed one that incorporates  color.


A very popular trend this summer has been sporty chic and as it happens I really think that this particular trend really lends itself to bright pops of color . The outfit I put together might not be to everyone’s taste but I am in love with the tennis feel of it as well as those crazy bright Nikes .

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