Johnson`s Baby Oil my secret to smooth skin (Blogmas #6)

OK , so I know you might be tired of me talking about my struggles with uber dry skin, but I feel like when it comes to dry/dehydrated skin and how to manage it I have tried it all. So when I find something that has an impact on my skin, I know it will also work on almost anyone who is struggling with dry skin (be it from the weather or just genetics). Continue reading

Gift Guide #5 Moms (Blogmas #5)

Welcome back to the fifth and last installment of my 2015 Gift Guide series, it`s been an interesting ride and I have to admit I am glad I am finally done with this series. Between doing my own holiday shopping and trying to find solid, and creative gift ideas I was getting a bit stressed and overwhelmed, still I hope these posts have helped and you got at least a little bit of inspiration for your own holiday shopping. Continue reading

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag (Blogmas #4)

I sure do love a tag , and for some reason I haven`t done one in over six months, so that needed to be remedied. I have been seeing this fun tag going around and considering I am a self declared procrastinator I only thought it appropriate. I wasn`t tagged to do it, but that never stooped me before so I advise you to do the same and if you enjoy it and would like to give it your own spin. Anyways if you are reading this post I tag you to do it , I think it`s really fun and something new so feel free to let me know and I will stop by and give it some support. Enough rambling let`s get to it. Continue reading