New Bathroom Inspiration

Theres an exciting new project I have yet to talk about on the blog, WE HAVE BUILT A NEW HOUSE!!!!! By we I mean my family to be more exact. And after all the boring bits like building the actual house we have finally gotten to the exciting part of decorating. I want to start sharing with you the whole process, and this first post is all about my bathroom design. I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any ideas or think something isn`t looking quite right pleas leave me a comment and let me know, I really want as much input as possible. Well hopefully this is the first post of many I will be doing on the new house. In a couple of weeks I will be sharing a progress post which will include some photos as well, and maybe in a month or so I will do a final reveal post. I will also be doing a couple of posts on my bedroom design, as well as one on my connecting terrace, but if you enjoy them and want more on the rest of the house let me know and I will definitely do them.

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November MoodBoard

To be honest I have considered skipping my monthly moodboard for November , just because November has to be one of my least favorite months of the year (up there with January and February) . I am so not excited for November and can`t wait for december to finally roll around. But thinking about it more I decided this is exactly why I needed to do this post , I need to find the little joys that will make this month enjoyable in its own right. So if you are in the same boat as me I hope you too find some inspiration as well to get you through this month and one step closer to the holiday season (cuz` lets be honest the best thing about November is that it`s followed by December). Continue reading

TrendBreakdown Lifestyle: Adult Coloring Books

Todays TrendBreakdown is all about coloring books for adults. I first heard about these back in spring and got mine a few months ago. I personally consider myself a creative and visual person and I have really always wanted to be able to draw or have some other way to exercise my creativity. So that is probably the main reason I wanted one of these but what I discovered is so much more. It really is a great way to relax as well take your mind off things and just do something with your hands. Continue reading