Best Holiday Beauty Gift Sets Blogmas Day 6

Any beauty lover out there knows that the holidays are the best time for beauty shopping. No matter if you are buying for someone else or yourself the amount of options on the market right now is insane. And the best part are the gift sets that are usually really great value for money as well as a great opportunity to try out a bunch of new products. In this post I wanted to round-up some of my stand out beauty gifts and hopefully help you out in the process with ideas for gifts. Enjoy!!!! Continue reading

Beauty Blogger Enabled Wish List

One of the dangers of being an avid reader of blogs, be they fashion, beauty or interior design, is that you are bound to develop a very long wish list , so long that it makes your wallet shudder every time you even think about it . Well considering I have one of these enabling machines I tought I would share a few of the products currently on my wish list and continue spreading the disses. SORRY NOT SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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