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Guess who`s back, back again, StyleBreakdown`s back, tell a friend​. Yayyy happy summer everyone. For my first post back I wanted to go through some of the stand out products of the last few months. I don`t want to dwell too much on how long I`ve been missing, so getting right back into it seems like the best thing to do. So let`s get to some really awesome products. Continue reading

February 2016 MoodBoard

January didn`t really pan out the way I planed , but that`s life and I am very excited to get on with February. I really hope the weather warms up a bit and I can make this month as productive as I am hoping. I still have one exam in a couple of days, and I am done for the semester YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As usual I am rambling too much in this introduction so let`s get into the actual post and share with you all the things that are getting me excited about February! Continue reading

Gym OOTD #HealthBreakdown

Today`s post is another #HealthBreakdown post, all about what I wear to the gym. It is a very honest post , no fashionable twist or anything too cool. I wanted to show you what I wear on a normal day when the last place I want to be is the gym, when I look like c**p and the only color in the world is black. Like I said it is not an inspirational outfit post, but I think it is a good option if you don`t want to think about it but you stil want a flattering look  that is  put together and easy.

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Workout Haul (#HealthBreakdown)

January is for a loot of people not only the beginning of a new year but also the opportunity to make some changes in you`re life. And I have to admit I am one of those people.  I don`t exactly belive in the whole “New Year New You ” thing but I do think it is a good opportunity to take a look back on the past year on where you are in youre life and where you want to go. A resolution I hear from a loot of people and one that I also have made is to be just a bit healthier in 2015 and part of that resolution will hopefully be recorded here on my blog in a new series I have called #HealthBreakdown. This series will bring a whole bunch of different posts from Workout wear hauls like the one today to healthy recipes even some gym or at home workouts I have been loving. I think this series will firstly make me more aware of sticking with my healthy lifestyle it will motivate me and hopefully some of you might get a bit of healthy inspiration as well.

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What is in my gym bag (gym bag essentials)

Spring is a time for fresh starts , for reinvention and for most women a time when we start thinking about our new wardrobe and how we are going to fit in our skimpy summer dresses or how our legs will look in our favorite pair of shorts. I am no exception to this trend and this spring I felt like doing something about it , so I ended up getting a gym membership for the first tie in my life. I must admit it is  a bit intimidating at first when you are surrounded by skinny girls and buff guys and little old me  can barely run a 2 min sprint,  but the truth , as I have learned ,is that everyone is  to focused on what they are doing to judge  .So if you have a similar fear that is stopping you from joining a gym my advice is to go for it and you will not regret it.

Now my routine is that I go to the gym about 3-5 times a week in the morning (late morning) in my gym clothes and I come home to shower and get ready for my day so I don`t take with me a change of clothes or makeup.

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