February 2016 MoodBoard

January didn`t really pan out the way I planed , but that`s life and I am very excited to get on with February. I really hope the weather warms up a bit and I can make this month as productive as I am hoping. I still have one exam in a couple of days, and I am done for the semester YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As usual I am rambling too much in this introduction so let`s get into the actual post and share with you all the things that are getting me excited about February! Continue reading

January Favorites

Hey you , welcome back to another blog post and the end of another month. I usually try to make January as productive as possible but I have to admit this month was a bit of a fail in general. It all started at the beginning of the month when I got a pretty bad case of the stomach flu followed by 3 weeks of -20° C (or -4° F) and on top of I had all my finals. So this months favorites are super basic in the beauty department, the style ones are focused on warmth and I have a bunch of random favorites that have helped me keep sane and added a bit of relaxation into my month. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading

January favorites


This past month was a crazy one for me, therefor speed and comfort were the most important for my style.
When it comes to makeup I’ve been keeping it simple and fast with just foundation, mascara and a long lasting lip stain. I’ve had to buy a new foundation because my skin has been acting up from stress . What I ended up buying was the Burjois flower beauty foundation and so far I’ve been liking it and it does give amazing coverage without looking too much. My favorite mascara has been the Too Faced Lashgazam . I’ve also been loving the Max Factor Lipfinity duo , I only use the mat side and I fully recommend it for its lasting power.
My style has been really simple and cosy with leggings a simple T and a cosy cardigan( especially the textured ones) . My accessories have also been simple with combat boots and scarves being essentials for the cold weather. A great life saver have been hair accessories to hide bad hair days