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Guess who`s back, back again, StyleBreakdown`s back, tell a friend​. Yayyy happy summer everyone. For my first post back I wanted to go through some of the stand out products of the last few months. I don`t want to dwell too much on how long I`ve been missing, so getting right back into it seems like the best thing to do. So let`s get to some really awesome products. Continue reading

Styling kimonos


If you have seen more than one of my posts you would have seen a recurring theme in them, and that is Zara. I don’t know if I have ever posted something that did not have at least one pice from Zara. What can I say, I cannot help it every time I get an idea and start searching for pieces for a post the first place I go to is always Zara and it never disappoints. Anyways enough rambling about my self confessed love for Zara. Where I was going with this was to tell you that Zara has done it to me again with their kimonos , I have become obsessed ! Therefor I decided to show you an outfit revolving around the kimono. I chose these one from their TRF line because it was one of the cheapest , don’t get me wrong it is also one of the cutest but those things can be blipping expensive ( up to 130$ ) and I for one would not pay that much for what it is.
The outfit I put together is exactly the outfit I imagine myself wearing after I finally take the plunge and buy that kimono. I tried to give you options to chose from considering where you would wear it . I would probably go with the shorts and sandal version for walking in the park or hanging out with friends and I would wear the high wasted jeans and the wedges on a date maybe or just going out to diner with friends. Whatever you like and feel most comfortable in , that is the best outfit for you. The top I decided to keep simple , a white tank top that has a bit of detailing that makes it interesting even if you did not wear the kimono over it. As for the accessories I kept them all in a gold finish ,that I thought worked best the necklace would look great on the white top because it has such a high neckline and it is simple enough not to distract from the kimono. The ring I love and think is a great addition as for the bangles you can chose if you wanted to add them, I would just because I always wear my watch and I like adding something next to it.

Hope you enjoy!
And if you have any questions or requests pleas leave a comment below .

Kimono- Zara- 79.90$
Aria tank- Brandy Melville- 20$
Joni jeans- TopShop- 72$
Acid wash shorts-TopShop- 20$
White clutch -New Look- 12.99£
Platform wedges- 28$
Metal plate sandals-$
Triangle necklace- New Look- 5.99£
White stone ring-New Look – 4.99£
Bangle stack- New Look-5.99£