November MoodBoard

To be honest I have considered skipping my monthly moodboard for November , just because November has to be one of my least favorite months of the year (up there with January and February) . I am so not excited for November and can`t wait for december to finally roll around. But thinking about it more I decided this is exactly why I needed to do this post , I need to find the little joys that will make this month enjoyable in its own right. So if you are in the same boat as me I hope you too find some inspiration as well to get you through this month and one step closer to the holiday season (cuz` lets be honest the best thing about November is that it`s followed by December). Continue reading

September MoodBoard

Today I wanted to try a new series on my blog called monthly MoodBoard. The aim of this new series is to get me and possibly you too excited about the coming month. Sometimes we don`t even notice how negative our mindsets can be, and how much we focus on how busy the next month will be or how much work has accumulated and any other negative thought that goes to our head when thinking about the coming moth. I am personally a great fan of new beginnings , I am so much more productive in the mornings or in the beginning of every week or in the beginning of every month , I just really enjoy the feeling of what has passed has passed now I have a whole new opportunity to do my best in every aspect of my life. Sorry I know I went a bit on a tangent there but if you stick it out for a bit longer I promise I will get to my point.

Anyways this series will be all about the things that excite me about the coming month, anything from style inspiration to what is on my wish list that month, to food, home design , places I will be visiting. It will be a mesh mash of Pinterest-esque photos that will hopefully get you too excited about all the great things that will be happening in the next month. You can expect these posts at the beginning of every month on my blog usually on Sundays. Yay now let`s get started with September. Continue reading