Morning&Evening Skincare Routine (Updated)

The older I got and the more I learned about makeup and beauty the more I understood the importance of good skin and subsequently of good skincare. I now put skincare first when it comes to my beauty spending, I am a huge believer that the best foundation is good skin. I am always trying new things in therms of skincare but right now I feel like I have a pretty good routine going and my skin has been very happy with it so I thought I would share with you what products I have been using.

Now I have to start with a bit of background on my skin, I have dry and dehydrated skin, I do still get a few breakouts here and there but my main concerns are improving my skin`s texture and hyper-pigmentation. Continue reading

On the slopes beauty

Hello boys&girls well I have some great news for me , as you are reading this I will be in the mountains skiing ( as I am writing it I am actually in the middle of exam season long live procrastination ). As some of you might as well be about to enjoy your own winter vacation I tought I would share the beauty products I am bringing with me on this trip. Hope you enjoy and find it useful.

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