Homemade Granola #HealthBreakdown

This #HealthBreakdown post has to be my favorite so far. It is so simple to make and it really has revolutionized my diet . When trying to eat healthy , at least in the beginning it is really hard to figure out what to eat , so we resort to the basics; salads , fruits and vegetables and all kinds of granola. Well that might be a trap , if you look at the nutritional information on your favorite granola you might discover that the sugar and fat content is nowhere near diet appropriate . Well I decided to start making my own , not just because I can control how much sugar and fat it goes in to  it but also what kind of sugar and fat I put in, not only that but I am also very difficult when it comes to granola , I just never seem to find a mix I truly like and don`t have to pick out the raisins (am I the only one who doesn`t like raisins?) . One thing I have discovered is that I prefere making a simple oats granola and have the seeds & dried fruits in zip lock bags . Depending on what I have my granola with I can decide what else I add, so when I have it with greek yogurt I like adding fresh fruit so I don`t add the dried fruit and only add seeds and so on.

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