10 Things TO DO to get ready for Spring

The beginning of a new season is always a exiting time, so I decided to compile a list of things TO DO in order to get ready for spring. I hope you enjoy and Happy Spring!

1. Spring Clean your wardrobe

Starting off with the obvious , get out your warm season wardrobe and go through it. It might not be warm enough to make the switch yet , but for sure you are already starting to buy some new spring clothes so look through what you already have. Be ruthless , it’s the perfect time to get rid of some stuff you know you aren`t going to wear anymore. See where your wardrobe is lacking and make a wish list of what you want to add to it. Continue reading

Going lighter and the changes I made (haircare, makeup, fashion)

I used to be very scared of changing up my hair, I didn`t dye it and I kept it a simple medium length style . Lately though I`ve been experimenting a bit more, especially when it comes to color. I had a ombre since last spring but it was mostly gone since my hair grows quite quickly and I trim it regularly. This time I took the plunge and went for a balayage that starts a few inches from my roots. I am a true brunette so even though the highlighted parts aren`t that blond the change to my look has been quite severe. It did take some getting used to but I do love it and have no regrets . I also needed to learn to work with it from changing up my haircare routine to changing up my makeup and wardrobe . My new hairstyle triggered a whole wave of changes and I will tell you all about them, so keep on reading. Continue reading

Gym OOTD #HealthBreakdown

Today`s post is another #HealthBreakdown post, all about what I wear to the gym. It is a very honest post , no fashionable twist or anything too cool. I wanted to show you what I wear on a normal day when the last place I want to be is the gym, when I look like c**p and the only color in the world is black. Like I said it is not an inspirational outfit post, but I think it is a good option if you don`t want to think about it but you stil want a flattering look  that is  put together and easy.

Continue reading