Workout Haul (#HealthBreakdown)

January is for a loot of people not only the beginning of a new year but also the opportunity to make some changes in you`re life. And I have to admit I am one of those people.  I don`t exactly belive in the whole “New Year New You ” thing but I do think it is a good opportunity to take a look back on the past year on where you are in youre life and where you want to go. A resolution I hear from a loot of people and one that I also have made is to be just a bit healthier in 2015 and part of that resolution will hopefully be recorded here on my blog in a new series I have called #HealthBreakdown. This series will bring a whole bunch of different posts from Workout wear hauls like the one today to healthy recipes even some gym or at home workouts I have been loving. I think this series will firstly make me more aware of sticking with my healthy lifestyle it will motivate me and hopefully some of you might get a bit of healthy inspiration as well.

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