My Favorite High-End Make Up Products

Hey guys welcome back to another Wednesday Beauty post. I think of myself as a pretty equal opportunity beauty buyer, I love finding little gems at the drugstore as much as I enjoy trying out some more expensive ones. Todays post though will be all about those “high-end” products, the products that have stood the test of time for me and I am confident in recommending regardless of their price tag. Enjoy! Continue reading

Spring Beauty shortlist (makeup , nailpolish)

Spring is probably my favorite season and this year especially I am really looking forward to saying goodby to winter. When it comes to makeup I have to admit I don`t do too much experimenting , I know what suits me and I stick to it. Still I feel like this spring I am embracing more the fresh natural springy look , more so than last spring when I kept a pretty high coverage foundation and my bold lips and simple eyes even after winter. In this post I will take you through my favorites products in every category (base, contour &highlight, blush, eyes, lips) that I will be using for this spring. Continue reading

Top 5 dream designer handbags

As a woman you usually have one of three diseases 1 The shoe fever (dangerous because it can really get out of hand with the amount of options available) 2 The bag plague ( this diseases is most dangerous because of how expensive this particular items can be) also there have been found serious cases of individuals showing signs of both these wallet torturing diseases . I for one chose to belive I only show signs of disease nr 2 although there have been periods of time when I have briefly caught the Shoe fever as well . But this post is all about bags so let’s get to it.

WARNING : Subjects who have shown signs of The Bag Plague in the past this post might bring bag the symptoms.

Chanel 2.55 Maxi (5.200$)

If I were to choose one high-end designer bag to pour all my savings into , it would for sure be this one. It is the epitome of classic elegance but I can still see it with so many different outfits from the most casual white V neck and jeans to a ball gown to the Opera .

chanel 255

  • Called 2.55 after the date of creation, February 1955.
  • There is a zippered compartment at the inside of the front flap. That is where Chanel is rumoured to have stored her love letters in her original bag.

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My on the go makeup bag

This is what is in my makeup bag on an everyday basis, when I go to class or out shopping. My must have products for keeping my face together no matter how long my day is.



-Make Up For Ever FULL COVER  Waterproof Concealer  (my shade is no. 4) This is a great concealer that I use on a daily basis mainly to cover up spots or hyper pigmentation.I use this concealer in my everyday makeup rutine to cover up acne or hyper pigmentation  but when I am out I use it under my eyes too if I need it. It is the best high coverage concealer that I have ever used and if you have problematic skin I fully recommend it.

– YSL Radiance-Enhancing Pressed Powder . This is a great powder for toping up your makeup if your looking greasy . I was really apprehensive about using a powder later in the day because I felt that adding another layer of powder would certainly give me a cake face. This powder has really changed my opinion though, it really doesn`t make you look like you have to much makeup on . The problem with that is I wouldn`t recomend it for people withreally  oily skin.

-Lipstick , I usually carry the lipstick that I am wearing that day ( today was MAC Rebel) and I also carry a nude lipstick in case my lipstick gets all crazy, if I don`t want to deal with having to worry about maintaining a bold lip or if the bold lip I usually wear is not appropriate in any situation that might come up. ( For my nude lipstick I usually have Rimmel By Kate Lipstick in the shade 08)

– Lip balm I always have one with me especially in the cold season because my lips get very dry and you really can`t have that when you are wearing a bold color on your lips. The one I am currently using is the L`Òccitane  Ultra Rich Lip Balm which is great if you have extremely dry lips.



– Hand cream is a must for me in the cold season , I also use it every time I use hand sanitizer because the sanitizer really dry`s out my skin . In my bag I keep the one from Bvlgari in the scent Omnia but iF you are looking for a more hydrating one I recommend the ones from LÕccitane , I use those every night before bed  the reason for that being that the one from Bvlgari being less hydrating sinks in to the skin faster and dosen`t leve my hands feeling greasy or sticky as oppose to the LÒccitane one .

– Makeup remover + Q-tips  these are my life savers on long days when my eye makeup starts to make its way down my face ( I know you know what I am talking about ). I keep a small size of the Sephora Waterproof Makeup Remover.

My makeup bag is from Sephora.

What are you on the go must haves, leave a comment I would love to know!!!!